Client Testimonials

"I had the distinct pleasure of working with Renae for several years.

Renae's consistently positive attitude, helpfulness, strong work ethic, and flexibility made her a great asset to her bosses and coworkers.

Renae comes with the highest recommendation for all of those with whom she has worked and will be a positive asset to any executive and organization."
"Renae was always a pleasure to work with. She has excellent skill sets to draw from in almost any situation. She performed her tasks with great professionalism and was always willing to tackle any project. She is sorely missed."
"Renae has been a key contributor, working closely with executives, engineering and customers."
"Although Renae and I did not work together all of the time, she was always willing to help with any task to get the job done. Renae always kept a positive attitude and cheered up the people around her. She was a great benefit to the company while she worked here."
"Renae's strengths are creativity, attention to detail, an outstanding ability to think on her feet and above all, doing what it takes to get the job done. All these are qualities that I believe to be absolutely essential in an executive assistant/administrative role - add to these the pleasant demeanor that Renae brings to the job. I highly recommend Renae - the team she joins will be the better for it."
"Renae is a great person to work with. She is fun to be around, and is very efficient in everything that she does. She was a very valuable member of the Semiconductor team, and we missed her greatly when she left. There is no question that Renae will be a valuable addition to any company."
"During her first few years Renae worked for my boss. Her communication was clear and concise. She did well managing schedules, meetings, handling phone calls, developing presentations and serving the business needs of the entire business unit. I believe that the best recommendation is this: I am searching for an administrative assistant for a group at my current company and I was intending to contact Renae to see is she would be interested in being considered for the job. If if were up to me, I would offer her the job if she was interested."
"Renae is a dependable and detailed oriented person. She is a strong team player and works well on teams. You can give her complex tasks and she will get them done without needing to come to you with every little detail. I found her easy to work with and a pleasure to be around."
"Renae is a highly motivated and positive force in any organization. While at Electro Scientific Industries, she was one of the key go-to people! Her professionalism and willingness to help out her fellow employees was exemplary! It is for these reasons that I recommend Renae for whatever endeavors she pursues."
"Renae is an excellent communicator and facilitator. I've watched her support senior executives in a thorough, professional, and timely manner. Her work is correct and clear. She builds friendships and professional relationships while keeping confidential information to herself. Finally, Renae can be relied upon to complete her assignments quickly and with minimal oversight."